Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wedding Cake

Here are some photos of my wedding cake i made in school. I don't have many pictures, because we were so busy we didn't have much time.

The wedding cake project is basically where everyone makes a wedding cake for a "client", the "clients" are the class level below us. So they as a group make up and a groom. They choose all the things a real bride and groom would have to, like the flowers, colors, where it will be, the attire, and so on. Then they give us a presentation, describing all of these things. Then based on this we must come up with a design we think it best. Then we get to work :]

So anyway this was a 3 day project the first day we had to bake all of our cakes, and buttercream, then cut them and trim them. On day 2 we started making our decorations, icing all of our cakes, and coloring your fondant (if you were having colored fondant). Day 3 we had until 1:30 to complete our cakes, then they were to be graded.

Our "clients" wedding colors were blue, yellow, white, and another but i can't recall what it was. They were having a roman, mediterranean beach wedding, with daffodils, lilly of the valley, and yellow tulips as their flowers. They said the attire was classic elegant dressy, but casual (didn't quite understand how that was possible lol). So thats their story lol, not my first choice but hey the customers always right.

Heres a picture of my drawing for the cake, I actually changed the drawing by adding 2 flowers to each tier instead of one, but forgot to take a picture after i redrew it, but you get the idea.

This is a close-up of the top tier with the flowers which are white daffodils made from gumpaste.

And here are 2 pictures of the cake right after i finished it
Its hard to tell from the pictures but the cake was a very pale pale blue.

The draping was done using gumpaste instead of fondant, because it can be rolled much thinner, giving it a more elegant appearance rather than having it look bulky. I also dusted the draping with white pearl luster dust to give it a shimmering appearance.

The border is made from fondant that was pressed into a pearl maker, and they were also dusted with white pearl luster dust.


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