Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


These are some photos of a spongebob cake i did for a little boys birthday.

These First 2 photos are of the cake tiers after i iced them and airbrushed them.
The cake was chocolate cake with vanilla simple syrup (this helps keep your cakes moist, it's just equal parts sugar and water, heat until sugar is dissolved, then let cool. Then you can add whatever flavor you wish. Liquors are the preferred flavorent but since this was for little ones i just stuck to vanilla extract. Add the flavor to taste.) Then it was covered with vanilla buttercream.

The water/coral effect was done by first icing the cake with a thin layer of buttercream that had been colored to a light blue. Then refrigerated, after it is cold and the buttercream has firmed take a icing spatula and dab the buttercream along the sides. It's sort of hard to explain, but the best way i can describe it is you smack globs of icing around the cake. Keep smacking it with the spatula to pull the icing out.

Then return the cake to the fridge until icing is firm, then its time for airbrushing. Well since i'm on a budget i can't afford an airbrushing machine. However wilton has solved this problem for the at home pastry chef. Its called wilton Color Mist. So i used Green, Yellow, Blue, and purple to achieve the look seen below.

Then we have some the characters, first is Gary the snail, Then we have Patrick Star, and last but not least Spongebob (before he his arms and hat were attached) himself. The Characters are all edible. They are made from rice krispies, fondant, and a little gumpaste.

Next is the pineapple house, this is also made from primarily rice krispies, covered in fondant. The leaves are made from gumpaste. I used silver dust to make the windows and door look metallic.

Here is the cake after stacking adding borders, and some fondant jellyfish and seaweed.

Finally here is the finished product after it safely arrived to its final destination

Thats it for today, sorry for the delays :]


Jenniffer said...

Great job on that SpongeBob cake! Keep up the good work and keep blogging... people are reading!


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