Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sugar Flowers part 2

These sugar flowers are ones that i made for a tinkerbell baby shower cake. They are all made from gumpaste (sugar paste), which is an edible sugar dough. These were just a fantasy flower i made up. I wanted them to look mystical, girly, and tropically (since neverland seemed kind of tropically).

This first flower was for the very top of the cake, where tinkerbell would be sitting on it. I used rolled the gumpaste as thin as possible then used a 3 petal cutter. I believe it was meant for tulips of daffodils, but not quite sure. Then pressed each petal into a petal veiner, then using a ball tool thinned out the edges, and gave them they're curl. These were then left to dry for a day on top of foam egg crate to give them they're shape.

After they were dry, it was time for some petal dust. I used a combination of pinks, reds, and some purple. Also a shimmer pink, which gave them they're sparkle. Then i placed one 3 petal piece atop of another, they were attached using gumpaste glue (water with gumpaste disintegrated into it).

Next is a photo of the center for the flowers that would be going on the tiers of the cake. This was achieved by taking gumpaste that was colored yellow, then rolling it into a ball. Then tapering one end a tiny bit. Then take a floral wire, and bend the one end so it has a small hook. Dip the hook end into the gumpaste glue then press the wire into the base of the center.

Then i used small needle nose pliers (you could also use tweezers, but make sure they are just for cake use lol) Then i pinch the gumpaste all over to give it that bumpy effect. Hang these upside down to dry for 1 day.

When these were dry i again dusted them with a combination of petal dusts. For this i used greens, yellow, and a coppery brown.

Here is a close-up of the center after it has been attached to the flower

These are 2 photos of the completed flowers

Now these flowers were done a bit differently than the flower used for the top of the cake. These flowers are made with individual petals. This is done using a celboard and wire.
Step1: Roll your gumpaste onto the celboard and get it as thin as possible.
Step2: Cut out the shape of your petals (i just freehanded them using an exacto knife
Step3: Insert a wire into each petal, into the center of the thinker part (which is what the celboard is for)

Then i pressed each petal into the petal veiner, and used the ball tool to thin and curl the edges. Then each petal is left on the egg foam to dry for 1 day.

These are then assembled by holding the center, the bend the wire in the petals to a 90 degree angle. The one by one add each petal by using floral tape to tape the petal wire to the center wire. Make sure the wires are completely covered with the floral tape.

After they are assembled, It's time for more dusting, again i used reds, pinks, and a small amount of purple. Along with a shimmering pink

Last picture, of all the flowers together
Stay posted soon i will post the cake in its entirety :D


Anonymous said...

These are exquisite! They look like they would be hard to make... Does it take practice? --Adrienne

FrostedNY said...

Yes it does take lots of practice, but they are by far my favorite thing to do

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