Tuesday, May 18, 2010

plated desserts part 1

Today i figured i'd share some pictures of some of the plated desserts i did in school. Plated desserts is basically when you have a dessert that has usually been plated in some decorative manner, and has accompaniments such as sauces, sorbets, ice creams, etc.

There are a lot of components to make up every plated dessert, which is what makes them seem so daunting to some. However usually in the end, it's quite worth it.

All of these were from our first section of plated desserts (we had three)

This first plated dessert was orange crepes, filled with an orange pastry cream, litghtly dusted with powdered sugar and topped with fresh orange segments. It was accompanied by a simple orange sauce, and blueberry sorbet (that sat on top of a meringue petal).

Okay so i know these are supposed to be desserts, but every once in a while we would make some savory things. So this next photo is of a savory jalousie. Jalousie means blinds in french, so its referring to the slits in the jalousie which are supposed to look like blinds. Jalousies are basically just a puff pastry case and can be filled with anything you like, either sweet or savory.

This one was filled with sauteed shallots, garlic, spinach, crimini mushrooms, button mushrooms, and goat cheese. It was served with a bechamel sauce which is basically butter and flour cooked together to make a thick paste, then the milk is added to thin it out. Its a great base sauce for many things, and you can add whatever spices you feel are appropriate to accompany many dishes. We used salt, pepper, chives and nutmeg as flavors in ours. I really liked this one it was quite tasty.

This next one again isn't really much of a plated dessert in my opinion, however i do think it would make an amazing appetizer.

Here we have a base of puff pastry thats been topped with a goat cheese spread we made with goat cheese, honey, and thyme. Then on top are thinly sliced figs, then drizzled with more honey and sprinkled with thyme (this was then placed in the oven for a minute to warm it). It was served with a port wine reduction, and caramelized figs on the side (fig slices coated with sugar then a torch taken to them :) fun).

Here is one of my favorite books on plated desserts if you're interested

Stay tuned there will be more posts with many more plated desserts soon!


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