Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tinkerbell Cake

This is part 2 of my post about the tinkerbell baby shower cake i did. The customer was buying this cake for her best friend who was expecting a little girl. They had decorated the nursery with all tinkerbell things, so the customer decided she wanted a tinkerbell themed cake, and she wanted the little girls name on it (Addison).

This first photo is of the plaque i made for the cake. This was a gumpaste cut-out that i dried on the side of a cake pan so it would dry curved. Then once it was dry i painted the little girls name on it using silver petal dust (mix with a small amount of clear alcohol such as vodka or lemon juice). Then once that is dry i piped an outline of royal icing, then placed little pearl sugar sprinkles on the royal icing.

Heres a photo of the cake almost complete, it's just missing tinkerbell at the top (i didn't put her on top until after the cake had reached its destination)

So here a little more info about the cake. It was a 3 tiered vanilla cake, with rasberry filling, and vanilla buttercream. I then covered them with fondant, that i had colored a very pale green. Then added a white fondant border to each tier.

The flowers and the plaque are both gumpaste

This next picture is of the top of the cake (at the party). I made tinkerbell out of marzipan, her wings are made from gumpaste dusted with white pearl luster dust, and she is holding a small gumpaste flower. She is sitting on top of a gumpaste flower.

Here is the cake in its entirety at the party (sadly the lighting was not very good, but the picture came out ok).


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a beautiful cake! --Adrienne

Nancy Ortner said...

Congratulations on all your hard work and determination that landed you in the big city. Your cake is beautiful (and Tinkerbell has a glint in her eye).

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