Thursday, May 6, 2010

NYC Chocolate show 2009

Here are some pictures of the showpiece our school did for the nyc chocolate show. It was created by Chef Kir Rodriguez, Chef Joseph Jae Kim, and level 3 (you had to have already been through the chocolate section in the curriculum) student volunteers from the pastry department.

It was in october, so the chefs decided we should make a haunted house. So thats just what we did. A haunted house made completely from chocolate.

Heres a photo of the sign in front of the showpiece with a short description and a list of the students who assisted. (they kind of messed up on the sign because quite a few of those people didn't actually do it lol :p)

This next photo is a picture of us working on the front of the haunted house (in the photo is Denise carving a bit of the walls). The door knockers are made from modeling chocolate, which comes in dark, and white chocolate.

Here are the stairs, me and erin were very proud of our stairs :]

The fireplace, and someone taking a picture haha

Now the rest of the photos that i have are after the showpiece was taken to the nyc chocolate show. Everyone who worked on it got free tickets.

The loveseat in front of the fireplace

The upstairs area of the house

The graveyard (see that stuff that looks like dirt? Well those are cocoa nibs, which is the inside of the cocoa bean after it has been roasted and cracked open. This is what later will become chocolate. You can buy cocoa nibs at lot's of specialty food stores, people like to bake with them because of their health benefits.)

Chocolate portrait (painted with cocoa butter color onto white chocolate)

The stairs again

The haunted house in its entirety

Just so you can figure the size, here's me standing next to our completed showpiece


A said...

That thing is huge! You guys did a great job! --Adrienne

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