Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Hope everyone is staying warm! It's freezing here in the big apple, the lowest temperatures they've had in two years! So in the spirit of this cold weather i decided to make one of my favorite winter weather foods, Loaded baked potato soup. It's super easy and so delicious. 


What you'll need is:
5-6 medium red skin potatoes
3/4 of a pint of light cream (you can also use heavy cream or half & half)
1 cup vegetable broth 
1/4 cup green onions cut small 
2 tsp oregano 
Lots of salt and pepper, don't be afraid of seasoning, just remember to keep tasting, then continue until you get it just right. 
handful of shredded parmesean cheese 

Shredded cheddar cheese
sour cream 
chives or more green onions 
bacon--i used an uncured smoked maple bacon, using a better quality bacon adds a nice touch (for the vegetarians out there just use bacos since they're made with soy and not real bacon.)

 Boil your potatoes for about 25 minutes with the skins(Make sure you cut them into quarters so they cook faster) Cook them until they're very soft like you were to make mashed potatoes. 

Then drain the potatoes and with a mixer (or by hand) smash the potatoes until smooth. Some chunks are fine. Slowly add your cream while mixing. Place on a med-low heat, then add your vegetable broth (you may add more or less to your preferance) 

Add your green onions, oregano, salt, and pepper remember keep tasting. 

Once the flavor is good and the soup is hot add your shredded parmesean. Keep soup on heat so the cheese melts. 

Meanwhile prepare your bacon as desired i like mine cooked in a skillet but you can cook it as you like. Cut the bacon into chunks. 

Shredded cheddar cheese
Sour cream
Chives or green onions 

Hope you all enjoy!! Stay Warm!

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