Tuesday, May 25, 2010

plated desserts part 2

Here are some more plated desserts, these were some we did in level 3. Both of the plated desserts were made using pate a bric. Pate a bric is sort of like fillo dough, except its thicker and much less fragile. Its actually very flexible, which is how it's able to be rolled and folded into these shapes. It comes frozen in packs of circular disks, so its very handy.

This first dessert i wasn't to crazy about, i thought it was pretty ugly, and it didn't taste very good either.

It's a mango beggars purse (a disk of ginger cake inside and a ginger mango compote inside the pate a bric dough) it's served with a ginger sake sabayon (which was torched) and a lychee nut sorbet in a pate a bric cup. The little people decoration is also made from the pate a bric dough.

This next dessert was actually probably one of my favorite things we made. It was soooo good!

So here it is asian pear spring rolls served with a raspberry creme fraiche ice cream (in pate a bric cup), a champagne raspberry gastrique (also in a pate a bric cup) with little caramel chopsticks for decoration. All of this is served on top of a banana leaf.

A short definition for a gastrique is basically a sauce thats a caramel vinegar reduction, sounds weird but its actually quite tasty.


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