Monday, August 15, 2011

Beauty & the Beast

Here is a cake I did recently, which was probably the most difficult cake I have made thus far. It was a beauty and the beast cake with matching themed cupcakes. The client was very specific in what she wanted, which in some ways is actually helpful. 

The most difficult part about this cake was definitely the figures on top. Figuring out how to construct them so that they can survive the delivery while retaining each figures characteristic. The second hardest part was the delivery itself, every little bump made my heart drop, I kept thinking this is it this will be the bump that ruins the cake. It was like having a glass baby on a rollercoaster. 

Luckily the cake made it safely not a mark on it, we assembled the stand with the cake and all the cupcakes. We met the woman who ordered the cake, she loved it and then I could finally breathe. So it all came out well with no disasters. 

This is a closeup photo of the Beast (all decorations are made of fondant)

A close up of Belle 

The finished cake before it left the bakery

Half the cupcakes Laura made these lovely roses aswell as the ones on the cake, you can check out her blog here

Here are the little books I made for the other half of the cupcakes

And here is the cake and the cupcakes assembed on the stand at the venue. Sorry for the bad quality I took it on my phone 

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