Friday, May 21, 2010


Here are some more photos of plated desserts. All of these are chiboust's, chiboust is pastry cream that has been lightened with either whipped cream, or stiffly beaten egg whites.

Chiboust can be used as a dessert on its own, mixed with fruit, or used as a filling in cake or cream puffs.

This first one is a coconut chiboust that has been baked, then dusted with powdered sugar, with it is a chocolate sauce, and a vanilla creme anglaise (vanilla cream sauce).

This one is also a coconut chiboust, however this one has been sprinkled with sugar an then torched. Its also paired with a chocolate sauce, and vanilla creme angaise. Its also served with a chocolate sorbet (delicious!!!!).

This last one is a lemon chiboust that has been torched, its served with a lemon & thyme sauce, crystalized thyme, and a rosette of raspberry sorbet.


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