Sunday, December 25, 2011


Happy Holidays everyone, so this is a long overdue post. I've been meaning to do a post about this for awhile. So as everyone should know butterbeer is a drink that is from the harry potter series. As seen below. 

They typically drank it here at the three broomsticks as seen below (photo by me at the wizarding world of harry potter in Orlando)

Here's what the butterbeer from the Orlando theme park looked like. Now the main difference is in the books/movies the drink is an alcoholic drink. However i guess since the theme park is a family place there is no alcohol. However it is really good. 

It tastes like a butterscotch cream soda with a sweet creamy foam at the top that they add at the end. 

So after returning from the park i decided to create my own butterbeer. Now i don't have an exact recipe but its really simple and really delicious. 

So all you will need is :
Cream soda 
Smucker's butterscotch sauce (ice cream topping)
Heavy whipping cream
Rum (i used Bacardi gold)

Here's what you do:
Pour the cream soda in a glass and add as much rum as you would like. Then add some of the butterscotch sauce, again this is just to taste i would say i added about 5 tablespoons,  you will need quite a bit to get that butterscotch flavor. Stir a little, then all you need is the foam so for this simply begin whipping the cream by hand, drizzle in some of the sauce to this as well. Whip to a soft peak. Pour the foam onto your drink. 

And here you have it! Your own butterbeer to drink with your harry potter marathon!

Hope you all try this out it's really good. Also WARNING definitely not for the calorie conscious!

I hope everyone's  holidays are filled with magic! 


Sunday, December 11, 2011

cherry blossom cake 2

Here are some photos of a cherry blossom cake i did reently. It's a little different than the other one i did before, you can view that one here. I think that i prefer this style, i also like the addition of the green border. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Munchies cake

This cake was actually a cooking theme party cake (for a 5 year olds birthday) However it did seem a lot like a stoners dream cake 

 Complete with little slices of pizza 

Hot dogs 


Ice cream cones, hamburgers, and smiley faces 

Here is the finished cake 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Minnie Mouse

Here is a cake I did at work recently for a 2nd birthday. All the Decorations are edible (all decos made from fondant)

Here is another view of it

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pikachu I choose you!

This week someone ordered a pokemon cake which the nerd in me was very excited about. It's nice to see the things I loved as a kid still kicking around. 

For this cake they wanted pikachu on the top and seven other characters around the sides which they chose. 

Here is a pic of all the completed decorations 

The names of all the characters are 
Jigglypuff, Diglett, Poliwag, Chikorita, Wigglypuff, Gastly, and Slakoth(

Here are a couple of close-ups

Here is the finished cake! I really loved this one hope you all enjoy!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I can hold up the cup And the milk and the cake! said the cat in the hat

 Here's a picture of a cake i did this week for a 2 year olds birthday. I was really excited when someone said they wanted a cat in the hat cake. It was a nice break from all the princesses, Elmo's, and Dora's. The cake was also my favorite flavor banana with marshmallow icing, it may sound a bit strange but its delicious. All the decorations are made of fondant. 

I may add some better photos later, this one was just taken on my cell phone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harry Potter cupcakes

Just a quick post for now, here are some harry potter cupcakes i did recently. There are golden snitches, Harry's glasses, lightning bolts, Hedwig (the owl), Nimbus 2000 (the broom), as well as gryffindor and slytherin scarves. 

That's all for now 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beauty & the Beast

Here is a cake I did recently, which was probably the most difficult cake I have made thus far. It was a beauty and the beast cake with matching themed cupcakes. The client was very specific in what she wanted, which in some ways is actually helpful. 

The most difficult part about this cake was definitely the figures on top. Figuring out how to construct them so that they can survive the delivery while retaining each figures characteristic. The second hardest part was the delivery itself, every little bump made my heart drop, I kept thinking this is it this will be the bump that ruins the cake. It was like having a glass baby on a rollercoaster. 

Luckily the cake made it safely not a mark on it, we assembled the stand with the cake and all the cupcakes. We met the woman who ordered the cake, she loved it and then I could finally breathe. So it all came out well with no disasters. 

This is a closeup photo of the Beast (all decorations are made of fondant)

A close up of Belle 

The finished cake before it left the bakery

Half the cupcakes Laura made these lovely roses aswell as the ones on the cake, you can check out her blog here

Here are the little books I made for the other half of the cupcakes

And here is the cake and the cupcakes assembed on the stand at the venue. Sorry for the bad quality I took it on my phone 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

jewelry cake

This is a cake I did recently for jewelry designer nicholas varney's birthday. The cake had several pieces of his jewelry as well as some jewels and pearls. Here is his website, he makes very original ornate pieces.

Some up close photos of some of the pieces.    

Yellow sapphire "honeycomb brooch"

turquoise Mississippi river pearl earrings

Here is a photo of the full cake

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Todays post is children's birthday cakes. These are probably what i spend most of my time doing. Most of the time it's elmo, thomas the train, dora, or cars. However these were all a little different than what people normally get. 

This first cake was my hands down favorite, as it was one of my favorite tv shows growing up. Richard Scary's busy busy town. I had no idea they still played it. (all decorations made of fondant) This is the top view of the cake

Heres the side view, there's ants,worms, butterflies, ladybugs, blueberries, and magnifying glasses. I was a little confused about the blueberries but she requested them so hey as they say the customer is always right.  

I really liked this next one too, they were having a pirate themed birthday party and this is what the invite looked like, i don't think you can see it in the picture but the fish in the treasure chest has an eye patch. (all decorations made of fondant)

I have to be honest with you i was a little leery about this next cake. It's a character olivia the pig, now some people find her very cute. However i am not one of those people, in fact i found her very creepy at first when i was looking up pictures of her. So anyway i got over my fears and made the cake, and was actually pleased with the way it came, and think she does look quite cute. (all decorations made of fondant)

This last one is bugs bunny if you didn't know :] They wanted him fishing on a beach, bugs and the fish are made of fondant, and the sand is cookie crumbs. 

Well that's all folks !

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bridal Shower cakes

We've been getting a lot of orders for bridal shower cakes recently. I guess it's wedding season :] 
There seems to be a trend of people having simple color schemes then having these brightly colored, very fun elaborate napkins, and then they want us to coordinate the cake with the napkin. I really love the way these cakes turn out so i hope this is a trend that will stick. So here's a couple that I've done recently. 

This first one was actually a friend of a previous client, and was at her birthday party. Her friend had done the whole matching napkin cake thing and she really liked it so asked if we could do the same for her. I posted that cake previously, you can see it here it's the 3rd cake down the flower one.

This cake is iced with buttercream with fondant flowers, and buttercream piping.

This one was for a wedding shower as well, The napkin was this peacock with the "feathers" swirling. They got cupcakes too, with the peacock feathers on them too, i forgot to take a picture of those though. I liked the colors of this one a lot.

The cake is iced with vanilla icing, and the decorations are made of fondant. 

I'll try to have another post tomorow :]

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How much is that doggy in the window

Just a quick post today, i made this cute little guy the other day out of fondant. The client's brought in a picture of their daughters favorite stuffed animal, they said she wont go anywhere without him. So why not get an edible version of him on her birthday cake. It was a really cute little doggy.

Hope everyone had a lovely cinco de mayo if  you were celebrating! I will try to post some more thing asap. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

old and new

Today I'm posting pictures of a couple of cakes i did recently, as well as a couple of old ones i stumbled upon. 

This is one of my favorites, i love that they wanted a fashion sketch of the dress. The dress is made of fondant, then drawn on with food coloring. 

This was for a 8 year old birthday he wanted a dragon similar to the ones used in parades. Then some gemstones on top and a few around the sides. All the decorations are made from fondant, and he wraps around the cake. 

Now here's some cakes from a little while ago. 
This one is the second tinkerbell cake I've done. Here is the first one i did.

Last but not least a hello kitty cake 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Time

Today I'm posting more photos of cakes i have done recently at work. Now none of these cakes were actually intended for spring, i just thought they all had a very spring time essence to them.

The first one is a character from a children's show called yo gabba gabba, and the characters called a foofa. Pretty silly i know, i really don't understand kids shows these days :p

This next cake was for a bridal shower, i really love this one its so simple yet so cute. I'm a huge fan of people not putting an inscription on a cake. Sometimes it just ruins it, also I love the bee (you can't tell in the picture but he's smiling :]

This last cake was for a 25th anniversary, its a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Its decorated with fondant cherry blossoms. The inscription is in Russian so I'm not sure what it says. This cake was also interesting because they didn't want the top tier in the center, so it is lined up with the back of the bottom tier. 

Thats all for now, hope everyone can start enjoying some spring time weather soon!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to succeed in business without really trying

So previously i had mentioned that i had some pretty exciting news, well this was it. This past weekend i made a cake for the one and only DANIEL RADCLIFFE. 
 I still can't really believe that Daniel Radcliffe ate my cake ;]
 It was for opening night of his new Broadway show How to succeed in business without really trying. Needless to say i was over the moon. 

As usual all decorations are made of fondant 

Here's a photo of the cake with my inspirations for the design 

That's all for now :]]]] hope you all enjoy, and i hope he did as well 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday cakes

More cake photos (all decorations are made from fondant)

This first one is groucho marks juggling, they were having their party at some place where they teach you juggling and other circus tricks. 

This is eloise from books such as eloise at the plaza 

 I loved this cake i thought it was such a cute idea having a box of crayons on the cake, then it had rainbow sprinkles on the sides 

This was kind of a strange cake but i liked it, it was for a man who was turning 40. He's a big fan of the song I'm still here, so he wanted that written on the cake. I suppose its fitting for a 40th bday as well. 

And last but certainly not least my favorite cake ever, monty python and the holy grail. I wish more people would order cool cakes like this one. 
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