Monday, September 26, 2011

I can hold up the cup And the milk and the cake! said the cat in the hat

 Here's a picture of a cake i did this week for a 2 year olds birthday. I was really excited when someone said they wanted a cat in the hat cake. It was a nice break from all the princesses, Elmo's, and Dora's. The cake was also my favorite flavor banana with marshmallow icing, it may sound a bit strange but its delicious. All the decorations are made of fondant. 

I may add some better photos later, this one was just taken on my cell phone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harry Potter cupcakes

Just a quick post for now, here are some harry potter cupcakes i did recently. There are golden snitches, Harry's glasses, lightning bolts, Hedwig (the owl), Nimbus 2000 (the broom), as well as gryffindor and slytherin scarves. 

That's all for now 
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