Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stand back said the elephant

For our second chocolate project in school, we had to make a chocolate showpiece based on our favorite book as a child. There weren't any requirements other than it had to between 1000 and 1200 grams i think, lol the exact numbers are a bit fuzzy but you get the idea. Also you had to use multiple techniques with chocolate (molded, painted, piped, cutouts, etc.)

It's all about an elephant who has to sneeze (go figure :p), and all the animals are trying to get away from him. I love this book it's so cute, and it rhymes which when i was little i loved anything that rhymed.

So here it is my chocolate version of stand back said the elephant im going to sneeze

This first picture is a close-up of the elephant. His body and head are both molded white chocolate, then dark chocolate brushed on to give him texture, and dark chocolate piped for his eyes. His ears were piped then as the chocolate was still wet (but not runny) it was draped over something so that it would set curved. His nose was done the same way. His arms and legs were all cut-outs.

Next you can see the zebra which was a white chocolate cutout (i drew him on a piece of cardstock then cut it out to use as a template, the same was done for the giraffe) Then his details were piped on using dark chocolate.

The little snake was made out of modeling chocolate, with color added, then painted on dark chocolate details.

The giraffe was a white chocolate cut-out and painted with cocoa butter color.
All the bushes were also cutouts then painted with cocoa butter color.

This is a close-up of the tree, the trunk was chocolate poured into a plastic tube then when set un-molded. The tree top was molded in a fluted tin, both of these were made from milk chocolate, then dark chocolate piped on to give them texture.

The yellow thing is a white chocolate cut-out painted with cocoa butter color, and its supposed to be a swarm of bees (thats how it looked in the book)

At the very top is a little bird i made from white modeling chocolate, and then painted with cocoa butter color.

The rocks were made from modeling chocolate, and molded chocolate
The base was simply poured dark chocolate

Here is the completed piece


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