Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cakes Cakes Cakes

So again sorry for  not posting more often, just been busy busy busy. So today i figured I'd just post some pics of cakes I've done at work. 

This was a cake i did that was designed after a display wedding cake that Jess made. The little girl liked that cake and wanted a similar version done on a small cake. All the decorations are made from fondant. I'm really glad the people went with chocolate frosting, i think it works really well with the design. 

I absolutely loved this cake, if you don't know who that is it's general grievous from star wars episode III revenge of the sith. I'm not actually a huge fan of general grievous but it was a nice change from the typical star wars characters people want. (all deco are fondant)

The client brought in a napkin that they were using for their party, and they had coordinated all their decor with, and wanted a cake to match as well. It was a really lovely design, and i loved the colors. All decorations are made from fondant. 

Here's a cake for a pretty cool 3 year old, not only does his birthday cake have a guitar on it, but it's cookies and cream! yummmm (all deco are fondant)

Well that's all for today, i have lots more pictures stored up, but I'm trying to ration them so i can have more posts. So hopefully i will be posting soon, as well as having some pretty exciting news, fingers crossed. 


Anonymous said...

Your cakes look great. My favorite is the chocolate icing w/ the blue bird. But I'm a chocoholic.

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