Thursday, May 5, 2011

How much is that doggy in the window

Just a quick post today, i made this cute little guy the other day out of fondant. The client's brought in a picture of their daughters favorite stuffed animal, they said she wont go anywhere without him. So why not get an edible version of him on her birthday cake. It was a really cute little doggy.

Hope everyone had a lovely cinco de mayo if  you were celebrating! I will try to post some more thing asap. 


Anonymous said...

So cute! And how sweet that the parents thought of this. Your work is super, Heather! --Adrienne :)

Erin said...

have you been doing these cakes out of buttercream? I've been having trouble getting straight sides lately with my buttercream cakes.

Anonymous said...

Love the stuff dog. It looks like a stuffed animal,I would never thought it fondont

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beany baby puppy.
Great Job!! m/m

Anonymous said...

Love your work! I'm looking for a cake for my niece's 2nd birthday. How can I get in touch with you? my email:

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