Sunday, April 17, 2011

old and new

Today I'm posting pictures of a couple of cakes i did recently, as well as a couple of old ones i stumbled upon. 

This is one of my favorites, i love that they wanted a fashion sketch of the dress. The dress is made of fondant, then drawn on with food coloring. 

This was for a 8 year old birthday he wanted a dragon similar to the ones used in parades. Then some gemstones on top and a few around the sides. All the decorations are made from fondant, and he wraps around the cake. 

Now here's some cakes from a little while ago. 
This one is the second tinkerbell cake I've done. Here is the first one i did.

Last but not least a hello kitty cake 


Anonymous said...

Really pretty cakes. Your first Tinkerbell Cake (click on Here)tops them all though. M/M

Erin said...

Love them...epecially Hello Kitty and the one above since it was for a girl named ERIN! haha. I'm glad you are updating and keeping me in the loop!

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