Monday, June 13, 2011

Bridal Shower cakes

We've been getting a lot of orders for bridal shower cakes recently. I guess it's wedding season :] 
There seems to be a trend of people having simple color schemes then having these brightly colored, very fun elaborate napkins, and then they want us to coordinate the cake with the napkin. I really love the way these cakes turn out so i hope this is a trend that will stick. So here's a couple that I've done recently. 

This first one was actually a friend of a previous client, and was at her birthday party. Her friend had done the whole matching napkin cake thing and she really liked it so asked if we could do the same for her. I posted that cake previously, you can see it here it's the 3rd cake down the flower one.

This cake is iced with buttercream with fondant flowers, and buttercream piping.

This one was for a wedding shower as well, The napkin was this peacock with the "feathers" swirling. They got cupcakes too, with the peacock feathers on them too, i forgot to take a picture of those though. I liked the colors of this one a lot.

The cake is iced with vanilla icing, and the decorations are made of fondant. 

I'll try to have another post tomorow :]


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! M/M

Anonymous said...

Wow! That peacock cake is so elaborate! How is that done? Do you have a picture to go by? Beautiful work. - Adrienne

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