Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Luster Dust Massacre of 2010

So the other day i was opening this box that i keep all of my craft type things in. I also keep all of my cake decorating things in this box as well. So i was going through this box checking out what i had in it. As i was pulling things out of it i looked down at my leg and discovered this...

I then looked down at my floor and hand which was also covered with silver luster dust. could not figure out where it came from. I then found one of the little containers of dust which was completely coated with silver. I thought oh this must be the one maybe it got a whole in it or something (this one actually turned out to be gold not silver). So i put it in a little bag and started to clean the floor, but every time i cleaned somewhere more luster dust would just pop up somewhere else. I finally found the real source of the problem 

The cap had come off of the silver so the whole thing was all dumped into this bag and some in the box. I then realized how cool this looked on skin so i covered my hand 

Waste not want not right?

I  must say it looked much cooler in person, i looked like the tin man. 

So the moral of this story is don't keep your luster dusts in places where they can be jostled around since apparently there caps can come off quite easily. Or you'll have a luster dust massacre on your hands quite literally. 


Anonymous said...

I like that story. :)

Shannon said...

sounds like something I would do, but it would be on the carpet!

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