Friday, April 23, 2010

long day

Today just seems to keep dragging along, i hate days like this. Well today i sat by central park for a while, picked up a few things from the store, and then worked on jazzing up the blog. The background i got off a website as you can see from their add at the bottom of the page. (i hate when things do that) but oh well i liked the background so ill live with it. I however really didn't like the header they had with it, so i decided to make that. Thats pretty much it for my day, very boring. So now i'm posting some pictures of some chocolate work from school. One is a chocolate box filled with Vahlrona Manjari chocolate truffles. The other is a chocolate candy stand (the candy is under the dome of the sun). As you can see i have a thing for space. Well thats all for today.


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