Thursday, April 29, 2010


Now I'm sure most of you have played a little game called candyland, or you've at least seen it. Well candyland has seen some changes over the years, however overall it's remained for the most part the same. Well my friend was talking about her birthday that was coming up, and how her dream cake would be a candyland themed cake complete with the ice cream cone castle. So i decided to surprise her and make this cake. It was a 3 tiered cake, covered with pink rolled fondant. It was a vanilla cake, with cotton candy buttercream icing.

Here is a picture of one of the ice cream cones, It's all made from gum paste

This next picture is of the second tier of the cake. The rope border is made from fondant, and the candy canes are made from gumpaste

See how the candy canes are shiny? Well this is achieved by using gumpaste glue. Gumpaste glue is used as you may have guessed for adhering pieces of gumpaste to each other, or to fondant. To make gumpaste glue all you must do is fill a small container with some water (i use those empty travel size shampoo bottles you can buy in stores) then place a small piece of gumpaste into the water. As the gumpaste disintegrates it creates an edible glue.

Now when you lightly brush the gumpaste glue onto the gumpaste, it leaves a shiny coating.

Now here is a photo of the bottom tier of the cake

Again the border is made from fondant, and the lollipops are also made from gumpaste, then coated with the gumpaste glue to give them that lollipop sheen.

Here is a picture of the top tier of the cake, which is also the ice cream cone castle.
The main part of the castle is the top tier of the cake, which is covered in fondant. Then the ice cream cone towers are made from gumpaste, the little candycanes in front are also gumpaste. The grass around the castle is made from royal icing. The sprinkles on the ice cream cones are real sprinkles.

Now for the completed cake....


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