Thursday, June 3, 2010

Orange Delight

Sorry for the delay on the blog, just been really busy, and haven't had much time for writing, or baking anything for that matter. So todays is short, its just a recipe for a tasty little treat my grandmother always made. It was memorial day when i had a craving for this, it's a really great picnicky/bbq dessert. Its also a great dessert for people on a diet, or just cutting back on the sweets. So anyway enough rambling heres the recipe for orange delight.

24 oz light & Lively cottage cheese
3 oz Orange Jello
8 oz Cool Whip; thawed (can also use light cool whip)
One 11oz can mandarin oranges; drained

1. Mix together the cottage cheese and dry jello (do NOT add water)
2. Fold in the thawed cool whip, until incorporated
3. Fold in drained oranges
4. Chill until firm, then enjoy!

Heres some photos of it, it doesn't look that good, but don't let that stop you from making this. Its so easy, yet it's one of my favorite desserts i think.

Well thats all for today, hopefully i'll be able to do some more baking soon.


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